You might want to count how many tools you see in your entertainment center or computer room. It might surprise you how much worth you’ve built up over a few years if you collected them. Your tools are worth a lot of money, so it’s smart to keep them safe.

To put it simply, most electronics today are simple gadgets that can be left on a shelf or table or are strong enough to carry in a pocket or bag. Damage to their bodies, electrical surges, and not being cleaned properly can still hurt them, and they can even make your power bill go up more than it should.

Prevent Damage From Power Surges

If you want to keep your computers from getting damaged by electricity, most people know that they should use surge breakers. 

If you plug an ice maker into an outlet, even something as easy as a lamp, an electrical surge can damage it and you’d need commercial ice maker repair. Your entertainment center or computer room’s electronics are the most likely to be broken.

It’s normal for electricity to surge. Strong electrical surges can damage your valuable electronics very quickly. They can be caused by lightning hits, transformer explosions, and major problems with your home’s electrical system.

 Big swells, on the other hand, happen less often and for less dangerous reasons, like when your hvac system turns on and off. Your devices may break months or years earlier than they would have otherwise if these small surges keep happening.

  • Turn off your gadgets when you’re not using them. Even though it’s not very handy and won’t protect your electronics while you’re using them, this is the only way to be sure that a surge won’t damage them. This is a good way to handle gadgets you don’t use very often.
  • Use power strips with surge protection. Selecting a model with an indication light that indicates when the protective strip is actively in use and a reputable brand are the best options. This is since surge protectors eventually lose their ability to defend against surges, no matter how minor. When these wear out, replace them.
  • Put in surge protection for the entire house. The most reliable and practical choice is whole-home surge protection, which effectively converts every outlet in your house into a surge protector. A licensed electrician is required to install this system on your main electrical panel.
  • An affordable, thin dusting wand that fits into tight spaces can clean your computer desk and entertainment center in minutes. Make sure to do this every other week to avoid dust-clogging vents and overheating gadgets. Every few months, deep clean, and clear vents using compressed air.
  • Circularly wipe an LCD panel with a slightly damp microfiber cloth and minimal pressure. To clear harder residue, wet the cloth with diluted white vinegar but don’t scrub. Skip paper towels, which scratch screens.
  • Touchscreen gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and others should be cleaned with a damp microfiber cloth like LCD screens. However, you can clean these gadgets harder. Consumer cleaners can damage the screen. Other recommended cleaning solutions are in your device’s instructions.