In many households across Malaysia, domestic helpers play an invaluable role in ensuring smooth day-to-day operations. However, employing a foreign domestic worker comes with certain responsibilities, one of which is renewing their work permit as required by law. Failure to do so can lead to legal repercussions and inconvenience for both the employer and the maid. In this guide, we’ll explore the essential steps to renew maid work permit ensuring compliance with Malaysian regulations and smooth continuation of household operations.

Understanding the Importance of Work Permit Renewal

A work permit is a legal document that authorizes a foreign domestic worker to be employed in Malaysia. It typically has a validity period ranging from one to three years, after which it must be renewed to continue the employment legally. Renewing the work permit is crucial as it ensures that the maid’s stay and employment in Malaysia remain lawful. It also protects both the employer and the maid from potential legal issues and ensures compliance with immigration regulations.

Familiarizing Yourself with the Renewal Process

Renewing a maid’s work permit involves several steps, and understanding the process is essential to avoid any delays or complications. The renewal process typically begins a few months before the current permit’s expiration date to allow sufficient time for completion. It involves submitting various documents and forms to the relevant authorities, such as the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Gather Required Documents

The first step in renewing a maid’s work permit is to gather all the necessary documents. These may include:

  1. Passport: Ensure that the maid’s passport is valid for at least six months beyond the renewal date.
  2. Current Work Permit: Provide a copy of the maid’s current work permit.
  3. Medical Examination Report: A medical examination report issued by an approved clinic or hospital.
  4. Insurance Coverage: Proof of valid insurance coverage for the maid, as required by law.
  5. Employment Contract: A signed employment contract between the employer and the maid.
  6. Employer’s Identification Documents: Copies of the employer’s identification documents, such as MyKad or passport.

Schedule Medical Examination

Before renewing the work permit, the maid must undergo a medical examination at an approved clinic or hospital. The examination typically includes tests for infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. Once the medical examination is completed, ensure that the clinic or hospital provides the maid with a medical examination report, which will be submitted as part of the renewal application.

Submit Renewal Application

Once all the required documents are gathered, the next step is to submit the renewal application to the Immigration Department of Malaysia. This can be done online through the MyEG portal or in person at the nearest Immigration Office. Ensure that the application form is accurately filled out and all supporting documents are attached as per the guidelines provided.

Pay Renewal Fees

Along with the renewal application, there are certain fees that need to be paid for the processing of the work permit renewal. The fees may vary depending on the duration of the permit and other factors. Payment can be made online or at designated payment counters, and a receipt should be obtained as proof of payment.

Await Approval

After submitting the renewal application and payment of fees, the application will be processed by the Immigration Department. It may take several weeks for the renewal to be approved, so it’s essential to plan accordingly and submit the application well in advance of the expiration date of the current permit. During this period, the maid can continue working under the existing permit.

Collect Renewed Work Permit

Once the renewal application is approved, the maid’s new work permit can be collected from the Immigration Department or through the MyEG portal. Ensure that the permit is collected before the expiration of the current permit to avoid any disruptions to the maid’s employment.


Renewing a maid’s work permit is a crucial aspect of ensuring compliance with Malaysian regulations and maintaining a smooth employment relationship. By following the steps outlined in this guide and staying organized throughout the process, employers can navigate the renewal process efficiently and avoid any legal issues. Remember to plan ahead, gather all necessary documents, and submit the renewal application in a timely manner to ensure uninterrupted employment for your maid.